Rates and Reservations at Desert Sands RV

**Rates are effective as of March 15th, 2019

  • Daily - $35 per day plus Electric at $4 per day.  Total $39 per day.
  • 2 Days - $70.00, plus $8 Electric = $78.00
  • 3 Days - $105.00, Plus $12 Electric = $117.00
  • 4 Days - $140.00, plus $16 Electric = $156.00
  • 5 Days - $175.00, plus $20 Electric = $195.00
  • 6 Days - $210.00, plus $24 Electric = $234.00
  • 7 Days - $245.00, plus $28 Electric = $273.00
  • Good Sam Members Receive 10% Off Daily and Weekly Stays

Monthly Rates

  • Small back in sites - $435 per month.
  • Medium Sites - $475 per month.
  • Large Pull Thru's - $535 per month.

Electric is not included for monthly sites.  Meters are read once a month and electric is billed at $.10 per kilowatt hour.

Cancellation Policy

Balance is due and payable in full upon registration.  Advance reservations can be made with a deposit according to site type.  A specific site is not guaranteed with short term or seasonal reservations.  Specific sites are only guaranteed with an annual reservation.

Once a reservation is made there is a $50 cancellation fee (or for daily stays the entire deposit if less than $50) if a reservation is cancelled over 30 days before the start date. Within 30 days of the start date there is no refund.  Also, November 1st thru March 31st there are no refunds on cancellations for reservations during that period unless made before October 1st.

Rent paid is non-refundable after reservation start date. There are no refunds on unused rent, no pro-rating, or subleasing of sites.  The unused, paid portions of any site rent may not be gifted, willed or transferred for the use of any other than the registered guest of said site.

Rigs older than 10 years old

All older RVs must be approved by management first.